Karen McGrane

KarenMcGrane Karen McGrane is a content strategis and user experience designer who spent the last 15 years being part of making the web more awesome. She wrotes two books at A Book Apart: « Content strategy for mobile », in 2012 and « Going Responsive », last year. Since 2006, she’s the managing partner at Bond Art + Science.

In a world where the constant appearance of new devices form a true zombie apocalypse, we could wonder what is going to be the next big thing. We’ve already survived to print, web and smartphones.

Because of this new invasion web designers have to constantly adapt. This is why they need to find a new weapon. The main duty of this weapon is that it has to be time-saving. Indeed when a new device is released, web designers need to completely rebuild their websites. To avoid starting from scratch every time, they figured out a new method which is to separate content from form. This method consists in putting content in the back-end instead of the front-end. That way, when a device is released, they just have to get back the contents and arrange them the way they want. Also, if they want to update their websites, they just need to change the content in the back-end and the changes will apply to all devices. They don't even need to check all their pages, just one or two are enough. In a nutshell, if they manage to separate content from form, the objective being to save time would be achieved and no zombie could ever resist them again...

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